Modern architecture and the story of “Diamond” on the Saigon Riverside

Each building itself is a story and a message that architects want to convey to the community. In Sunshine Diamond River, the modern architectural language has contributed to an emotional story about the gorgeous “diamond” shining on the Saigon riverside.

Lighting effects from splendid diamond sections

What brings the splendid light of the Sunshine Diamond River “diamond” regardless of night or day? Transparent glass walls which are typical of modern architectural language are the answer to the glow in the daytime and fantastic lighting at night at Sunshine Diamond River (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City), an iconic building gradually formed on the banks of the Saigon River.

Regardless of day or night, the light effect from diamond cut surfaces makes Sunshine Diamond River shine brightly.

Modern architecture, where ideas seeming to be impossible can become reality with the help of material and structural technologies, is truly a fertile ground for creativity.
“When igniting the idea of a shining project on the Saigon riverside, we immediately thought of the lighting effect made up of splendid diamond sections. And new achievements as well as new materials in modern architecture helped the idea of a “diamond” project become Sunshine Diamond River project in reality today” the representative of Sunshine Group said.
Reflecting the breath of modern architecture, the Sunshine Diamond River project uses 100% of Low E glass for its surfaces. Compared with normal box glass, Low E glass has many preeminent features as well as superior quality and aesthetics in the segment for luxury housing. In addition to the selective prevention of radiation rays from the sun, minimizing the heat transfer between the inside and outside environment, saving electricity costs, Low E glass also makes the most of beauty panorama view, brings space filled with light for apartments, increasea health of the homeowners.

Comes with modern fantasy architecture, expensive facilities make a prominence at Sunshine Diamond River

Any transparent object contains a strange and imaginary attraction, reflecting various dimensions of space. At Sunshine Diamond River, transparent glass walls have become the perfect material for open architecture, creating an unlimited connection between the interior life and the landscape outside the project. Therefore, being in the room, residents can still feel the breath of nature by watching the green space below or enjoying poetic life out there or the colorful flower garden through the glass window frames. The prime location at the center of 3 districts (District 1, District 2, District 7) combined with the design of the outer glass, large windows and large balcony gives Sunshine Diamond River a spacious, panoramic view of Saigon River and Phu My Bridge, and also have a view of District 1, District 2 and the central area of Phu My Hung. On the other hand, thanks to the location of the 3 sides viewing to the river, the surrounding environment also brings a fresh atmosphere, limiting the influence of the city.

Water and plants harmonizing in modern architectural language

Not only benefiting from the landscape and the surrounding environment, Sunshine Diamond River is designed with a green core landscape, where plants and water create a perfect green life for every resident. Arriving at Sunshine Diamond River, you are lost in a true 5-star resort with a four-season park, water square; walking paths, hanging gardens; standard resort pools; along with a range of trendy services such as sports center integrated beauty salon, health care, Yoga garden, etc.
Green architecture trend is increasingly favored by investors in their projects. However, there is few project that can blend into green nature and still possess the most modernity. At Sunshine Diamond River, in the mezzanines alternating between the apartments with hanging garden systems, if looking up from below, the whole building is like a vertical green garden.

The blended landscape makes Sunshine Diamond River a “desirable place”.

Besides green architecture, the core value of the project is also in the compound model “All in One”, with classy and private living space that the investor devotes much to build and develop. There, Sunshine Group is fully equipped with facilities for living, entertainment, resting, trading and education, etc. right inside the project area. Just a few steps, residents can go shopping at S-mart, buy medicine at S-Pharmacy, enjoy delicious drinks at S-Cafe, enjoy foods at Asian- European restaurant chains, relax at S-fitness and Spa, be absolutely relaxed with Rooftop city bar and send children to study at Sunshine Maple Bear preschool, etc.

Especially, Sunshine Diamond River also has high-class facilities that are at 5-star resort standards such as water music show, lighting sound show, complex sports areas, digital cinema, outdoor food court, traditional cultural activity area, meditation-yoga practice area … Residents can enjoy the top arts performances – the dance of sound and light with the premiere and colorful lighting show, etc. as well as the culturally rich experiences such as boating, listening to music and dancing, buying regional products by smart technology applications right on the riverside.

Along with modern architectural language, outstanding living values in the inner city have realized a splendid “diamond” project in the HCM City real estate market in 2019. Sunshine Diamond River gives residents a “home” among nature and modern life, bringing an ecological and comfortable space in every moment of living enjoyment.

It is known that Sunshine Diamond River – the project won the award “The most breakthrough green building project in Vietnam” and was voted as “2019 Most Favorite Project” at Property Vietnam Awards 2019, will be officially launch in Saigon. “The launching ceremony of Sunshine Diamond River” called “VVip night out” will be held solemnly and grandly in the most luxurious contemporary architectural space in Saigon – Gem Center (District 1, HCMC) on coming August 10, 2019.

The appearance of Sunshine Diamond River is expected to contribute to changing the appearance of Ho Chi Minh City and at the same time add more options for fashionable residents in choosing a “5-star 4.0 resort” in digital technology area.

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