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Overview :

An eco-urban complex that converges both expensive definitions – “Eco-standard resort” and “Smart living 4.0” – will exist in Vietnam, through the super Sunshine Diamond River developed by Sunshine Homes, brand of Real Estate of Sunshine Group.

“When modern life is constantly developing, the upper class has money and material in their hands. And when they have become the aspiration, model and pinnacle of many people, what they are always looking for and longing for are values of time and health. These are the initial ideas for us to form the Sunshine Diamond River”, said Sunshine Homes representative.


The place in the prosperous South Saigon

Located in District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City is the central point of urban development of Ho Chi Minh City (Triangle D1 – D2 – D7), adjacent to the Saigon River, Sunshine Diamond River is a complex of eco-urban resorts with first resort 4.0 style in Vietnam with 8 proud buildings arranged in a closed compound model. Along with that is a series of standard utilities of 5-star resorts, smart operation and technology application 4.0 which are present everywhere.


Complex of eco-friendly apartments with Resort 4.0 style

An eco-green space with a standard resort system right in the city center is the most perfect solution when your own home is the place of “health treatment” of the family in the spirit of “standard green living” resort. Taking the center as the health regeneration values, Sunshine Diamond River’s entire landscape core is designed to the standard of a 5-star resort with diverse green areas of trees and water.
Smart parking system incorporating resident assistance application; elevators choose destination via Face ID, free Wi-Fi system covering the entire urban area … Especially, buildings are equipped with ventilation systems, pumping fresh gas and Low – E glass systems, bicycle rental system, mobile power charging stations in the basement dedicated to electric cars and electric scooters. All of the gadgets with breathtaking 4.0 will be the right hand for you to have more time to enjoy life.

Unique shopping experience
“Shopping in the park”
first appeared in Saigon.

Sunshine Diamond River provides a balanced space between buildings by a bridge system, walkways, dotted with lovely gardens, swimming pool system, sunbathing decks arranged alternately … to reduce the concrete effect, providing a cool atmosphere for the whole area. Alternating eco-green space are restaurants with many styles, cafe, cigar bar, BBQ … especially, shop house system with leading brands in the world, bringing a unique and fashionable shopping experience “Shopping in the park “never appeared in Saigon.


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