Sunshine Diamond River won the prestigious double award at Property Vietnam Awards 2019

The resounding victory at Property Vietnam Awards 2019 with 2 prestigious awards: Vietnam’s most breakthrough green building project and the Most Favorite Project in 2019, Sunshine Diamond River was a strong affirmation of the pioneering position for the passionate smart resort living trend comes from Sunshine Homes – the real estate development brand of Sunshine Group.

Dot Property Vietnam Awards is a big prize in the Dot Property Asia Awards system. Continuing success from previous years, Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019 continues to seek and honor the best real estate developers and projects in Southeast Asia to affirm the reputation and name of the worthy units  with full capacity as well as a great contribution to the industry.

Representative of Sunshine Group received the prestigious award: The most breakthrough green building project in Vietnam and The most favorite project in 2019.

In many approved projects, Sunshine Diamond River stands out with the convergence design of the two most expensive and trendy living definitions: “Living green in resort standard” with “Smart Living 4.0”. In the bustling and suffocating life of the city, building a green project with a philosophy of promoting relaxation and applying advanced technologies, Sunshine Diamond River has shown the pioneering direction and difference in the market as well as catching up with the development trend of the world. Solving the urban space problem, giving customers a smart apartment, satisfying the desire for a place like a resort, helping Sunshine Diamond River completely conquer the Jury as well as experts, customers, received 2 prestigious awards: The most breakthrough green building project in Vietnam and The most favorite project in 2019.

Sunshine Diamond River – The most breakthrough green building project

Sunshine Diamond River’s breakthrough is highly appreciated by the Jury because of the subtle combination of smart urban model and resort city. The project is a clever, harmonious interplay between green spaces, creating a space close to nature, regenerating health for residents, from environmentally friendly Low E glass materials to gardens, interior rivers or landscape…

“We want to design green condominiums, green gardens, green walking streets, green corridors, even the buildings were built with hanging gardens covered with lush green vines. We hope to turn Sunshine Diamond River into a building with a high coverage of greenery compared to other projects in the market”- said investor representative Sunshine Group.

In that spirit, Sunshine Diamond River’s entire landscape is arranged as a 5-star standard park or resort with lush greenery from system of hanging gardens, walkways, combined with a diversified water system from swimming pools, an internal artful waterfall. In addition to swimming pools and waterfalls arranged with many intentions, the eco-canal system, bringing convective air to the entire urban area with rich flora becomes a highlight that not many project have.

Not only greening the project, the modern green living trend that Sunshine Diamond River aiming is an ecological city, using technical plans to improve energy regeneration, along with Technology elements in management and operation ensure a safe life that values ​​health and spiritual values. In other words, Sunshine Diamond River is the ideal place to turn your home into a “health therapy”” of the family in the spirit of “Living green in resort standard”.

The choice of new generation Low E glass to cover the whole building is not only for aesthetic factors but also for the health of the residents. Because, the coatings have the ability to selectively block radiation from the sun and create the glass color, minimize the heat transfer between the inside and outside environment, saving energy costs for air-conditioning systems, heating systems, while ensuring effective cooling or keeping warm for the apartment …

Sunshine Diamond River won convincingly in two categories: The most breakthrough green building project in Vietnam and The most favorite project in 2019.

In order to raise the standard of green living, the investor also set up a system of utilities for living, amusement, entertainment, trade, all-in-one education models … In particular, the shophouse, the Electric charging station, smart bicycle rental system … arranged in the inner city will bring a completely new “shopping in the park” experience, promote health training activities, immerse in nature make a very healthy lifestyle. 

In addition, other modern technology applications such as smarthomes, Face ID face detection ensuring safety, absolute security, wifi system for free covering the whole urban area, ventilation and fresh air pumping along with environmentally friendly moving solutions, … are also applied thoroughly in every corner of the project to bring a comfortable life worth dreaming.


Sunshine Diamond River – a pioneer for urban resort style 4.0 resort.

The most favorite project in 2019.

If the award for The most breakthrough green building project in Vietnam is the extremely valuable recognition of the jury, the prize of The most favorite project in 2019 coming from the expertise of the professionals, investors and customers for Sunshine Diamond River is a desirable honor for any real estate project.

What have made Sunshine Diamond River so popular like that? Explaining this phenomenon, Mr. Phan Manh Quang, an expert in architecture, said: This is the opening project for the concept of Urban resort style 4.0 of Sunshine Homes, a brand developing real estate of scale associated with service elements – utilities, landscape and technology 4.0. At the same time, Sunshine Diamond River is the owner of the The Best High-end Project Developer of 2019 Award, of course the project is full of criteria for a resort – smart resort right in the big cities.

“Singapore has Marina One, which is considered a new symbol of the ecological and technological standard of Asia, but in Vietnam, there is a lack of standard projects for new real estate development trend – The place combines smoothly between architectural value, ecological green space in harmony with trendy elements. And the Sunshine Diamond River was born, promising to bring the values ​​that we are missing and look forward to Vietnam having more iconic works to be on par with other great powers while contributing to change. The appearance of Saigon urban”, Mr. Quang added about the attraction of Sunshine Diamond River.

Besides the explanation of Mr. Quang, many experts also said that the breakthroughs in the green life of Sunshine Diamond River have turned the dream of  a perfect resort space with a pure ecological environment, with a high-end utility system that brings the spirit of high-class resorts and breath of technology 4.0 into reality. In particular, that dream is not far away but is present right in the heart of District 7 – TP. HCM, right next to the Saigon River, so that Vietnamese people can touch and fully master.

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