Enjoy the resort lifestyle at your home in the heart of Saigon

Every day living in an apartment like experiencing the top-notch services of the 5-star resort, living peacefully, freshly with the green and full of technology, everywhere … All create charisma with every successful family at Sunshine Diamond River.

Criteria to choose houses of the upper class

If more than a decade ago, a high-class apartment is a dream, an admiration of many people living in big cities, now, luxury products become the criteria of choice for accommodation of a part Vietnamese people. According to experts, the upper class in Vietnam is increasing at a dizzying speed. Market research of New World Wealth announced that the rich level of Vietnam’s grew fastest in the world, at 210% from year 2007 to 2017, passing China (198%) and India (160% ).

Besides, together with Vietnam being in the Top 10 countries worth to live in and work in the world, a wave of businessmen and foreign experts come to live and work in Vietnam increasing gradually. It also contributes to the high demand for high-end real estate. These factors push the demand for luxury housing for successful people in big urban areas like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The rise of the upper class leading to the demand for luxury housing has also developed “speedy”.

As the upper class in society rises, it will inevitably lead to a changing need for life to approach the world standard of living. In a 2018 survey for high-income people, when asked about the criteria to buy a house, most respondents said they wanted to buy a comfortable life, not simply buy an apartment to live. From this sharing it can be seen that the criteria to choose houses of the upper class has been raised. Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duy, Department Manager   Savills’ housing business indicates an increase in interest levels as well as the number of buyers for the high-end real estate segment with prices ranging from US$ 5,000/m2  to US$ 10,000/m2 from the beginning of 2018 up to now, as well as in the coming time is very significant.

With the economic advantage, the elite are willing to pay a large sum of money for products and services. However, for them, the level is not only in the luxury of the outside but in the real quality, the experiences that make the whole family’s life relaxed, peaceful, a life that like at resorts.

“Resort at home” is becoming the living trend of successful people. After the pressure from work, when they return home, they want themselves and their families to enjoy the convenience, comfort, increase fun and family bonding. Living apartments must be smart, take advantage of technology, built as closed compound model, synchronously with high-class utility chains in a civilized community.

Living as vacation in the heart of Saigon

With a speed of rapid development of a dynamic city like Saigon, the continuous increase of the upper class is an inevitable consequence. The ultra-luxury housing segment also increased dramatically to meet the needs of successful people. Saigon is gradually asserting its position as the future trading center of Southeast Asia, attracting a lot of foreign investment, especially in the real estate sector.

Sunshine Diamond River is in the sights of the “giants” who are thirsty for the need to live at home

Recently, a project has reached the “target” of the elite by the super difference: The Sunshine Diamond River project.

It is known that Sunshine Diamond River project is located among the development triangle of District 1, District 2 and District 7, directly connected to Thu Thiem area, close to Saigon Peninsula urban area, is a passionate product of the Investor. Sunshine Group. From the project, it only takes about 5 – 10 minutes to go to entertainment, administrative and commercial centers in the city.

Sunshine Diamond River is created as a smart urban complex with 8 towers and 26 highlight utilities in the interior, meeting the needs of high-end resort, recreation and entertainment of residents. The project is balance of factors such as balanced relaxation, energy regeneration and smart operation through a series of standard utilities of 5-star, smart operation and technology applications. 4.0 is present everywhere.

At Sunshine Diamond River, residents experience a standard resort life with a closed compound model, synchronized with a range of high-class facilities.

The safety factor is considered one of the first strengths Sunshine Diamond River conquered customers. The project is full of green, perfect combination of green and water surface, bringing ecological space and comfort for residents. With 3 sides bordering the river and the river running along the interior, Sunshine Diamond River provides a cool and balanced space for residents, amidst the year-round sunshine of Saigon. Intermingle with buildings are a system of hanging gardens, walkways … to reduce the concrete effect, resonate with the water system to cool the whole urban area.

Apartments, sky villas of Sunshine Diamond River have furniture from leading European brands and modern Low E glass . … In particular, Sunshine Diamond River owns the all-in-one utility system with an unprecedented scale of full utility and entertainment: The walkway of the internal sightseeing set, the scenic view of curving art, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, sports training area, play area for children. Living in the project, residents of Sunshine Diamond River can fully enjoy shopping with busy shophouse ranges, prepare fresh meals for families with fresh ingredients at S – Mart supermarket, enjoy luxurious dinners at high-end restaurants with European and Japanese styles, enjoy coffee at S – Cafe. Sunshine Diamond River meets the needs of all members in the family: Center for beauty care for women, gym area for both adults and children, English center, gifted subjects for children … It can be said that Sunshine Diamond River is a “miniature city” in which residents enjoy the best services.

Each Sunshine Diamond River apartment has no difference from an international 5-star hotel

Comparing to the concept of normal resort, resort style 4.0 not only focuses on landscape and resort facilities but also focuses on each resident’s experience to ensure convenience, relaxation, and relaxation thanks to the application of technology elements 4.0 and IoT in operation and management. Life is more and more modern, when technology develops, the near-4.0 era, technological advances will help every elite resident save hours every day. There is no longer a time to find parking with a smart parking system that incorporates a resident support application; No longer waiting for the tired elevator when the elevator is now able to select the destination via Face ID face recognition, …

It can be said that Sunshine Diamond River is realizing the desire to live as a 5-star resort, approaching the peak value of the world, raising the urban face and quality of life of the people.